PNG Cereal Puffs

  • Slowly add melted (40-45°C) Belcolade PNG to the cereal in panning machine with 50% rotation speed and cool air at 10-12°C.
    • *Ideal room conditions would be 18-22°C with 45% humidity.
    • *Do not add more than 28-56 grams of chocolate at a time and make sure chocolate is starting to crystalize on berries before adding next layer. 
  • Continue to apply the chocolate slowly with the 50% rotation taking the cooling fan on and off the bowl to confirm uniform coverage. 
  • Once all the chocolate is used and the there is no remaining chocolate on the panning bowl move to decoration step. 
    • *You do not need the cooling fan constantly applied to panning machine

Decoration Method
  • Melt and heat Belcolade Blanc Selection to 40°C.
  • Add and emulsify color.
  • Apply and follow same steps as previous building up shell allow to crystalize. 
  • Add glaze.

About this Recipe:

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To coat first three layers Master Coat GZ-F-400. Finish with Master Coat PO-TT 154A 1 time.


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