Plant-Based Peanut Butter Miso Cake

Plant-Based Chocolate Layer Cake
  • Mix all ingredients together for 5 minutes.
  • Bake in rounds at 340°F for 14-18 minutes. 
  • Cool.

Peanut Crunch
  • Crush the Puffed Rice Toast and grind the hazelnuts. 
  • Melt the cocoa butter and the chocolate; mix with the peanut butter.
  • Add the puffed rice.
  • Dip Chocolate Plant-Based Cakes; freeze.

Plant-Based Peanut Butter Cream
  • Paddle Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, and sifted 10x till smooth 
  • Add miso and vanilla 
  • Warm to 85°F 
  • Dip frozen Plant-Based Cakes.

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