Plant Based Pate de Fruit Bon Bon


Pate De Fruit Method
  • Heat puree, sugar, and pectin till 85°C add glucose continue to cook till mixture reaches 106°C 
  • Add citric acid (citric acid should be diluted 50% with water) 
  • Hold at 106°C 
  • Pour in 3mm high frame with wax paper underneath (siltpad can be used as well)
  • Allow to cool to 20-25°C before adding ganache

Plant-Based Ganache Method
  • Combine oatmilk, dextrose, glucose, trimoline, and plant protein with hand blender
  • Heat chocolate and grapeseed oil to 45°C 
  • Heat coconut oil to 35°C 
  • Pour liquid into chocolate mixture
  • Add coconut oil 
  • Temper to 30°C 
  • Fill with 6mm frame on top of Pate de Fruit ( *300 grams per frame)
  • *Magic Temper add 0.75% cocoa butter (*10 grams)

Build Up Method
  • Once ganache crystalizes 12-24 hours 18°C with 60% or less humidity apply a thin layer of tempered chocolate 
  • Once crystalized, flip frame over and apply another thin layer of tempered chocolate on the pate de fruit cut utilizing a guitar cutter 
  • Enrobe with tempered chocolate allow to crystalize minimum 12 hours at 18°C with humidity less than 60% 
  • Store at 16°C with humidity less than 60%


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