Plant-based Chocolate Orange Verrine


Chocolate Cake Method
  • Mix all ingredients on low for 2 minutes, scrape the bowl and then mix for 3 minutes on medium. 
  • Bake in muffin tins Bake at 365°F till set.

Orange Ganache Method
  • Bring the almond milk and invert sugar to a boil. 
  • Pour it over the Belcolade chocolates and Classic Orange. Let set for 5 minutes. Mix with a hand bleder.   
  • Deposite 20g Ganache  in the bottom of the verrine – More to pipe in the center of the cake cubes 
  • 8 Cake Cubes 
  • Orange Mousse

Orange Mousse Method
  • Whip the Ambiante with the Classic Orange until desired consistency.

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