Plant Based Acai Chia Coconut Praline


Acai Coconut Chia Jelly Method
  • Bring puree, sugar and 100 grams coconut sugar to a boil 85°C 
  • Add pectin mixed with 38 grams coconut sugar 
  • Cook till 104°C 
  • Add chia seed and desiccated coconut immediately, let cool to ambient

Plant-Based Ganache Molded Method
  • Heat oatmilk, margarine, glucose, and vanilla to 80°C
  • Pour over trimoline and chocolate emulsify
  • Allow to cool to 28°C, deposit on top of jelly in pre-crystalized molds
  • Allow to crystalize minimum 12 hours at 18°C with less than 60% humidity 
  • Seal with tempered chocolate
  • Store at 16°C with humidity less than 60%

About this Recipe:

Complexity level:  

Tips & Tricks: Decorate molds as desired with colored cocoa butter or cast molds very thin and enrobe and decorate with coconut


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