Pink Lady


Praline Method
  • Cook sugar and water to 244°F add hazelnut cook till caramelized. 
  • Once caramelized add peppercorn let cool then grind to a fine paste.

Praline Base Method
  • Combine tempered Belcolade Lait with melted cocoa butter. 
  • Add praline temper down to 75°F.
  • Pour into frame 3mm thick with a layer of tempered chocolate underneath. Let crystalize.

Ganache Method
  • Heat cream, caramelize sugar, add cream, zest, sorbitol, and inverted sugar bring to boil.
  • Let infuse and cool to 185°F, strain over chocolate emulsify add butter at 96°F. 
  • Add liquor emulsify. 
  • Pour ganache at 89°F, 6mm allow to crystalize.

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