Panettone Sustainable Cacao-Trace

Pre-dough Method
  • Knead all the ingredients except the fat until dough is smooth and dry. Then incorporate fat.  
  • Dough proofers 72-75°F at 75% H.R. for 12-14 hours and in any case until quadrupling the volume.

Final Dough Method
  • Knead the evening dough, Patent Flour, NP improver, and water until the dough is smooth and dry.  
  • Add in sequence, honey, sugar and egg yolks in 3 step. Incorporate melted Belcolade Noir 55%. 
  • In the end add butter and when the dough is smooth add fruits and chocolate chips.  
  • Dough temperature: 78-80°F Bulk proof: 85°F for 60 min. at 75% H.R 
  • Divide: 1000g  
  • Final Proofing: 4-5 hours at 85°F and 75% 
  • H.R Decoration before baking: engrave panettone as an X shape and put in the center a little piece of butter. 
  • Bake at 330° for 55 min. (rotative, 1000 g weight, demper closed for 35 min. and open 20 min.). 
  • Bake until the inner part of the panettone reaches 200°F, then remove from the oven and leave to hang upside down by inserting a knitting needle through the bottom of the panettone and turn down on the rack.

Decoration Method
  • Temper the Belcolade Selection Noir Cacao-Trace at 30°C and glaze the cooled panettone.  
  • Let it cool upside down.

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