Pain D'Epices

Cake Method
  • Mix all the dry ingredients together except the flax seeds in a stand mixer using the paddle attachment. 
  • Add the Honey, eggs and water. 
  • Mix 1 minute on low speed. Scrape bowl and mix 3 minutes on medium speed. 
  • Grease the molds and sprinkle the flax seeds in it. 
  • Pipe the batter into the mold(500g mold size=4x4x4) 
  • Bake for 45 min. in a deck oven at 320°F. Closed damper.

Decoration Method
  • Create a chocolate bow in the Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao Trace Chocolate. 
  • And place in the freezer. 
  • Big bow plastic > 7 cm x 6pc 
  • Small bow plastic > 5 cm x 14pc

Velvet Spray Method
  • Heat both ingredients till 38°C. 
  • When the chocolate is around -5°C, spray the bow with the chocolate. 
  • Let set.

Assembling Method
  • Place the chocolate bow on top of the cake.

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