Almond Short Crust Method
  • Mix flour, almond flour, 10X sugar, salt and butter together until obtain an sandy texture. 
  • Add eggs gradually until obtain homogenous texture. 
  • Laminate at 4 mm. 
  • Keep in the fridge. 
  • Cut discs of 2 inch diameter (bite size). 
  • Bake golden on silpain in a rack oven at 340°F.

Marshmallow Method
  • Soak gelatin leaves in ice cold water. 
  • Prepare 2nd invert sugar (100g) in a mixing bowl with a whisk. 
  • Boil water, 1st invert sugar (70g) and sugar to 230°F (110°C) and pour all in mixing bowl. 
  • Add pre-soaked gelatin leaves and whip all up to an aerated & pipe-able texture. 
  • Add melted chocolate (as cool as possible!!). 
  • Pipe directly.

  • Pipe a drop of Deli Dulce De Leche on top of short crust disc. 
  • Pipe marshmallow to cover Deli. 
  • Let dry to set for minimum 2 hours before enrobing with tempered Belcolade Noir Selection CT.

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