Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot Cocoa Mix
Real Cocoa Powder 1kg
Milk Powder 750g
Granulated Sugar 1kg
Corn Starch 50g
Salt 5g
Chocolate Sphere
Belcolade Dark Noir Selection 55% 15g
Sphere filling
Hot Cocoa Mix 15g
Mini Marshmallows 5 each


Hot Cocoa Mix Method
  • Mix to combine

Assembly (1 Portion)
  • Temper the Belcolade Noir Selection and cast inside half sphere molds. Leave to crystalize. 
  • Unmold the half spheres. 
  • Fill half of them with 15g hot cocoa mix and the other half with 5 each mini marshmallows. 
  • Glue the halves together with tempered chocolate, then roll in more tempered chocolate.

To Serve
  • Drop one hot cocoa bomb into a coffee mug. 
  • Heat 1 cup (225g) of milk to a simmer and pour over the bomb. 
  • Mix to dissolve.

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