Hazelnut Crunch Bar


Nougat Dure Method
  • Roast the Hazelnut Powder in oven. Make a blond caramel with the glucose and fondant sugar. 
  • Add the roasted Hazelnut Powder and make it more caramelized. At the end incorporate the butter. 
  • Leave to cool down on a silicone sheet. 
  • Mix & cut into small pieces.

Blanc Intense Method
  • Melt the Blanc Selection to 110°F and temper it. 
  • Add the Pralirex Hazelnut and after mixing add the broken Nougat Dure and mini puffed rice. 
  • Pipe the filling in the shell and leave to crystalize. Close the mold with tempered Blanc Selection.

Decoration and Moulding Method
  • Heat up the Cocoa Butter to 113°F and add the Food color and mix. 
  • Temper it at 86°F and spray in the mold (68°F). 
  • Leave to crystalize and then mold it with tempered Blanc Selection.

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