Crunchy Praline Raspberry Bar

Working Method
  • Mix all the dried ingredients together. 
  • Warm up the praline paste to 85°F and stir in the tempered chocolate. 
  • Fold in the dried ingredients mixture.

Build Up
  • Line the molds with a layer of Chocolante Dark 60% Cacao-Trace Non-GMO and leave to set. 
  • Pipe about 3g of caramel filling per mold and about 10g of hazelnut filling. 
  • Add the crunchy mixture on top (about 20g per mold) and sprinkle some dried raspberries.

Crunchy Praline Raspberry Bar

Complexity level:  

Tips & Tricks 

  • Make the hazelnut filling and the crunchy mixture just before needed to avoid the chocolate to set.


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