Cinnamon Pistache Ganache

Pistache Ganache
Cream 35% 320g
Cinnamon Stick 10g
Glucose 45g
Sorbitol 30g
Pistachios 100g
Belcolade Blanc Selection 28% 600g
Belcolade Cocoa Butter 70g
Butter 65g


Pistache Ganache Method
  • Blend pistachios to obtain a paste. 
  • Infuse the cream with the cinnamon stick. Heat the cream till 185°F and add the glucose and sorbitol. Remove the cinnamon stick and pour this onto the Belcolade Blanc Selection and the Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cacao Butter and ground pistachios, mix to obtain a ganache. 
  • When the ganache reaches 95°F add the cold butter and mix with a hand mixer. 
  • Pipe the ganache at 86°F in the pre-moulded mould. 
  • Leave to crystalize for 12 hours with a humidity level below 60% before closing with tempered chocolate.

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