Chocolate Tres Leches


Chocolate Dulcerio
  • Add the cake mix, cocoa powder, and first eggs to the bowl. 
  • Mix for 1 minute on low speed and 3 minutes on medium speed. 
  • Add second egg and oil and mix for 1 minute on low and 3 minutes on high. 
  • Portion into desired cup and bake at 350°F. 
  • Once cooled wrap tightly and allow to sit for 24 hours at room tempurature.

Chocolate Soak
  • Gently heat 500g of the Dulcerio Soak and pour over the chocolate. 
  • Mix to incorporate and then slowly mix in the remaining Duclcerio Soak. 
  • Pour over aged cake following best practices.

  • Create a chocolate Dia de Los Muertos themed Chocolate Disc and place on top

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