Chocolate Elote Taco

Working Method

Reduced Sugar Cake
  • Grind the blue corn tortilla chips in the food processor and crush the freeze dried corn. 
  • Mix then into the tempered Belcolade Blanc. 
  • Pipe small dollops on strips of guitar sheets. Place another guitar strip on top and flatten the dollops. Then press them into a taco mold to set. Let crystalize.

  • Heat the heavy cream and invert sugar to 80°C. 
  • Pour over the Belcolade CT Noir Selection CT and spice, and let set for a few minutes. 
  • Mix with a hand blender. When it reaches 35°C, add the cold butter and mix with a hand mixer until smooth.

Ganache Drizzle
  • Bring cream, milk, dextrose, inverted sugar, and cocoa butter to 80°C.
  • Pour it over the Belcolade Blanc Selection CT, cilantro, lime juice, and emulsify. 
  • Once it reaches 35°C, mix in the mayo.

  • Fill the chocolate taco shell with the elote ganache and drizzle it with the may cilantro ganache. 
  • Garnish with freeze dried corn, dried cilantro and elote spice.

Chocolate Elote Taco

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