Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Bar

Brownie Batter
Tegral Cacao-Trace Clean Label Brownie Mix 750g
Oil 90g
Water 150g
Crunchy Hazelnut
Belcolade Milk Selection 32% 100g
PatisFrance Hazelnut Praline 50% 200g
Toasted Hazelnut 250g
Caramel Nutty
Deli Caramel 500g
Soften Butter 175g
Toasted Hazelnuts 300g
Belcolade NH Ganache 450g


Tegral CT CL Brownie Mix
Crunchy Hazelnut
Caramel Nutty
Belcolade NH Ganache

Brownie Mix
  • Bring the water to a boil. All the oil, hot water and brownie to the mixing bowl and mix for 1 minute on low. 
  • Then scrape the bowl and mix for 1 more minute on low. Spread in a half sheet pan. 
  • Bake at 350°F for 20-30 minutes or until done. Let cool.

Crunchy Hazelnut
  • Melt chocolate. 
  • Fold with prailine and hazelnuts. 
  • Spread evenly on top of cooled brownie.

Caramel Nutty
  • Mix all ingredients and spread evenly on frozen Crunchy Hazelnut.

  • Warm ganache to 115°F and spread evenly on Caramel Nutty.

  • Garnish with Belcolade Milk Chocolate with points of NH Ganache, Deli Caramel and Toasted Hazelnuts.

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