Caramel Cups


Deli Dulce De Leche Method
  • Mix Deli Dulce De Leche with the sea salt and pipe some of the caramel filling in the chocolate cups.

Vanilla Caramel Ganache Method
  • Caramelize the sugar. Heat up the glucose together with the cream and the vanilla bean. 
  • Pour onto the caramel. And sieve out the vanilla bean. 
  • Pour this onto the Belcolade Blanc Selection chocolate drops and mix with a spatula to obtain a ganache. 
  • When the ganache reaches 89° F add the cold butter and mix with a hand mixer. 
  • Pipe the ganache in the mould and leave to crystalize for 12 hours at 61°F with a humidity level below 60%.
  • Close the mould with tempered chocolate. 
  • Sprinkle some brown sugar on top. Leave to crystalize and demould.

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