Brownie Tart


Short Crust Method
  • Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl with a paddle. 
  • Add the butter and mix until the butter is in small pieces. 
  • Add the eggs and mix to combine. 
  • Wrap and refrigerate. 
  • Once cold, roll out to 3 mm. 
  • Line a 7.5 inch perforated tart ring. 
  • Par bake the tart shell until set, about 8-10 minutes at 350°F.

X-Press Fudgey Brownie Method
  • Combine first hot water with brownie mix and blend on low speed for one minute. 
  • Add remaining hot water and blend for one more minute on low speed. 
  • Pour into the prepared tart shell. 
  • Bake for about 18 minutes or until brownie is set. 
  • While warm, gently press down on the brownie with something flat to level it out.

Ganache Layer Method
  • Melt the ganache to 110°F 
  • Genlty blend in the Miroir Neutre without adding air to the ganache. 
  • Pour over the brownie to the top of the tart shell.
  • Leave to set.

Milk Chocolate Chantilly Method
  • Heat half of the cream to a simmer. 
  • Pour over the chocolate and blend to emulsify. 
  • Gradually add the remaining cold cream. 
  • Refrigerate overnight and then whip to a soft peak. 
  • Using a spoon, create a free form shape onto a sheet pan lined with acetate. 
  • Freeze. 
  • Spray with chocolate spray. 
  • While still frozen, transfer to the top of the tart.

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