Black Forest Cake Ornament


Chocolate Orange Plant-Based Cake Method
  • Mix all ingredients on low for 2 minutes, scrape the bowl and then mix for 3 minutes on medium. 
  • Bake in thin sheets. 
  • Bake at 365⁰F utill set. 

Winter Spice Creamy Method
  • Bring the Oat milk to a boil with desired spices( cloves, cinnamon sticks, pink peppercorn, anise, cardamom) and let steep for 10-15 minutes then strain. 
  • Mix the sugar and corn starch. 
  • Mix in 20g of cold oat milk with the mixture of sugar and corn starch. 
  • Bring the rest of the oat milk back to a boil. 
  • Then add the sugar cornstarch mixture. 
  • Heat to 203°F and then pour over the chocolate.

  • Pipe 20g of Topfil Origin Michigan Cherry in the bottom of the ornament. 
  • Then cut a circle of cake the will cover the filling. 
  • Then pipe the winter spiced creamy over the cake. 
  • Finally pipe the whipped Ambiante on top. 
  • Decorate as desired.

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