Amber Praline Crunch Bar

Working Method
  • Toast and grind the hazelnuts
  • Melt the chocolates and cocoa butter together to 115°F, then temper to 80°F
  • Add the rice cereal and the hazelnuts
  • Spread to 1.5 mm and leave to crystalize for 12 hrs
  • Cut into 14 cm x 6 cm

Assembly Method
  • Temper some Belcolade Selection Amber
  • Pipe a small amount of chocolate around the perimeter of a mold measuring 155mmX77mmX10mm 
  • Carefully place the crunchy hazelnut praline in the center
  • Fill the mold with the Belcolade Selection Amber and sprinkle with roasted chopped hazelnuts and sea salt, leave to crystalize for 12 hrs
  • Unmold and spray with a mixture of 50/50 Belcolade Milk Selection and Cocoa Butter tempered to 80°F

Decoration Method
  • Pipe a quarter sized dollop of tempered chocolate onto acetate
  • Use a frozen stamp to imprint the Cacao-Trace logo on top

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