Almond Bar


Almond Praline Method
  • Dry the grapefruit zest in the oven at 158°F for 40 min. 
  • Mix the melted chocolate, the melted cocoa butter and the praline together. 
  • Add the zest. Use at 172°F.

Caramelized Almond Method
  • Heat the sugar and the water to 212°F. Add the almond and mix well. 
  • Leave for 24h. 
  • Remove the excess of syrup and put in the oven at 338°F for 10 min.

  • Fill the pre-molded forms with the caramelized almond and the praliné and let crystallize for 2-4 hours at 64°F. 
  • Cover with the tempered chocolate.

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