Chocolanté Dark Semisweet Chunks 600ct

A dark semisweet bake stable real chocolate chunk with a sweet cocoa flavor. (600 pieces per pound).

  • Real Chocolate
  • Great taste
Customer advantages
  • Only available to professionals
  • Unique products born of continuous innovation
  • Added-value chocolate solutions
Consumer advantages
  • Great tasting real chocolate
  • Consistent quality

The finest cocoa beans are carefully selected to make pure Chocolanté chocolate, and its undeniable, wonderful taste. To create Chocolanté’s outstanding quality we put all our passion and expertise into it, focusing on traditional chocolate-making techniques and the selection of the finest raw materials. 

Our Chocolante dark semi-sweet chocolate chunks have a premium quality taste and can be used in a variety of bakery applications such as chocolate chip cookies, swiss rolls and croissants.