Karl de Smedt, the Sourdough Librarian (The Sourdough Podcast)

10 Apr 2020

Article via The Sourdough Podcast (Michael Hilburn)

On this episode of The Sourdough Podcast, Karl de Smedt joins me to talk about the THE PURATOS WORLD HERITAGE SOURDOUGH LIBRARY. We discuss the history and science behind sourdough bread, as well as some of the unique stories behind the library’s sourdough collection. Karl tells us how the concept for the world’s only sourdough library came to fruition and how you can add your own sourdough starter to the growing worldwide database and help preserve sourdough biodiversity and our shared sourdough heritage.


My guest on this episode is Karl de Smedt. Karl holds the unique title of “sourdough librarian” for the world’s only sourdough library. Karl spoke with me from his home in Brussels. He manages THE PURATOS WORLD HERITAGE SOURDOUGH LIBRARY in Saint Vith, Belgium. The library was founded in 2013 with the goal to preserve baking knowledge and sourdough heritage, and currently holds 115 (and counting!) sourdough cultures from around the world.