Adding health and taste to baked goods

23 Dec 2021


According to Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research, consumers consider fruit to be both healthy and tasty. But adding fruit fillings to baked goods can be challenging for bakers: large pieces can clog depositors, the wrong water activity can result in a soggy crust, and adding too much filling may change the functionality of a cake batter or icing. Puratos Classics, a new range of highly concentrated flavoring compounds, aims to resolve these challenges.

“The beauty of Classics is that anyone can use them” says Jessica Blondeel, senior product manager for patisserie at Puratos USA. “Whether you’re an artisan creating a real lemon mousse cake or a large donut producer looking for an icing made with real strawberries, Classics are the answer. There is no need for special equipment and no need to adapt your recipe.”

The Classic portfolio includes lemon, orange, strawberry, and coffee. Each variety is available in a 26lb. bag-in-box—ideal for larger bakeries—and a 1.25lb. pouch with a pour spout that is convenient for artisans, restaurants, or in-store bakeries.

In addition to being extremely versatile and easy-to-use, Classics are plant-based and one of the cleanest compounds on the market. They are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—making them the perfect match for even the strictest “no-no” list. And because of their unique formulation, Classics are suited for fresh, frozen, and long shelf life items and can be stored at ambient temperature—even after opening—freeing up valuable refrigeration space.

“Consumers are increasingly mindful about what kind of calories they consume, and products made with real fruit make them feel better about indulging.” Blondeel concludes.