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Welcome to the Puratos Tour 2024: Taste Tomorrow edition - Unveiling the Future of Bakery, Patisserie, and Chocolate!

Embark on a delectable journey with us as the Puratos Tour returns for a second year, ready to sweep through 6 cities across the USA. This year’s edition will bring to you Taste Tomorrow, our proprietary consumers survey that will give you a unique and detailed vision of how food will evolve in the near future, through knowledge about the behaviors, attitudes and choices of more than 20,000 global and local consumers and experts in more than 50 countries.

Get ready to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of bakery, patisserie, and chocolate, as we bring you an experience that will delight your senses and inspire your taste buds.

Discover Cutting-Edge Bakery Trends: Our experts have scoured the globe to bring you the most innovative and mouthwatering trends in the bakery world. From artisanal breads to gluten-free delights, experience the future of baking right in your city.

Indulge in Patisserie Excellence: Elevate your sweet tooth with the finest patisserie creations. The Puratos Tour is your ticket to savoring exquisite pastries, cakes, and confections crafted by top pastry chefs.

Network with Industry Leaders: Connect with professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders in the baking, patisserie, and chocolate community. Share insights, swap stories, and be part of a community that is passionate about all things sweet and savory.

Don't miss the chance to catch us in your city! The Puratos Tour 2024 will make stops in:

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