Live: Passion Fruit Raspberry Pate de Fruit Plant Based Ganache

Passion Fruit Raspberry Pate de Fruit Plant-Based Ganache

Subject Chocolate
When Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021
Venue Zoom
Contact Josiah Huelle


In this upcoming session, join Puratos’ Technical Advisor Josiah Huelle for a detailed 30-minute demo focusing on plant-based ganache showing different techniques how to build, cut, enrobe, and garnish enrobed plant-based ganache. Learn additional tips and tricks and have the opportunity to partake in a Q&A!


Josiah will discuss:

  • Two different types of ganache - frame and molded
  • Fundamentals & parameters of bon bons and framed ganache
  • The Pate de Fruit process while making a ganache frame and a molded fruit jelly filling 

Key Highlighted Techniques include: 

  • Plant-Based Ganache - frame and molded, made with Belcoalde
  • Pate de Fruit
  • Decorating Enrobed Bon Bons
  • Magic Temper

Meet the Technical Advisor

Josiah Huelle, Senior Technical Advisor - Chocolate/Patisserie

Education: Johnson & Wales University BS 2003

With over 23 years of experience in chocolate, Josiah Huelle has worked in some of America’s finest hotels, chocolate boutiques, industrial manufacturers, and restaurants. As an expert in chocolate and the Supervisor of the Puratos Innovation Center in Los Angeles, his knowledge and creativity are unparallel and knows his way around the industry.

Josiah is very well versed in all production aspects, such as chocolate confections and decorations, fine patisserie or semi to large industrial patisserie and chocolate making.

Josiah’s advice: “Keep it simple, be passionate about the product, let the product speak for itself use the best ingredients and laser focused technique.”