MyAdvantage highlights ingredients and recipes to help our customers navigate various challenges; from increasing shelf life, to easy-to-use ingredients to create delicious products with peace of mind.

MyAdvantage Product Solutions

We know how hard our customers are working to feed America; the industry is facing new challenges that need to be solved quickly. MyAdvantage provides a resource for  ready-to-use, labor-saving products that help bakery businesses address the significant current challenges of short supply of ingredients and skilled labor. MyAdvantage also offers information on adjusting recipes to accommodate the significant shift in consumer demand toward packaged goods and online shopping---helping you create quality products in a digital environment.

Fewer Ingredients

These Puratos mixes provide the flexibility to make delicious products with only water and oil.


Learn more about our range of simple solutions that can save you time and effort when creating delicious bread and sweet goods—with minimal skilled labor.

Consumer peace of mind

Deliver on consumer demand for packaged goods and online shopping with Puratos ingredients that offer improved stability and shelf-life.