Epicurean Unicorn: Puratos' Technical Advisor Podcast

Listen in as Puratos' Technical Advisors interview industry experts and provide valuable insight!

Do you love food and want an inside look at how it gets to your plate? The Epicurean Unicorn podcast has something for you! Whether you’re a novice home baker, professional chef, or food enthusiast we’ve got you covered- including tips and tricks to improve your skills, interviews with thought leaders, and a behind the scenes peek into the food industry. Join us in our journey to explore the magic of food.


About the Hosts:

Braden Cadenelli

Braden is a Pastry Chef and Chocolatier who has been with Puratos USA since 2010. He started in the industry while in college and has experience working in everything from small retail to semi-industrial wholesale. His hobbies include biking with his family, talking about the minutia of science fiction, and reading. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, 2 kids, and cat.  

Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson has been with Puratos USA a little over a year and has enjoyed it immensely.  She has worked in the Industry for 22 years in everything from artisanal bakeries, resorts, casinos, catering, and independent restaurants.  She enjoys hiking, camping, travel, and cooking various regional healthy cuisine.  She lives in Washington with her wife and small dog.  

Connie Macri

Connie is an R&D Technologist who has been with Puratos USA since 2017. She realized her love of food and science at a young age and worked to acquire a BS in… Food Science! She has since worked in various industry settings (from flavor houses to meat-packing plants), but has settled on a career involving bread mixes and improvers with Puratos.  Outside of work, Connie enjoys cooking up (not baking) crazy experiments, jogging at a leisurely pace, nerding out on PC/PS4 games, and being weird in general.