The best of Netflix for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers

24 Dec 2021


Get inspiration for the new year (and some much deserved relaxation) by watching one of the many food shows on Netflix. We’ve selected the most interesting series for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers. From passionate sourdough baking to the creation of gravity defying chocolate chandeliers, these shows will for sure leave you full of ideas for 2022:

Fun series for patissiers

Chef’s Table: Pastry (2018)

Chef’s Table dedicated its fourth season completely to pastry. Episode 1 is about crazy sweet tooth Christina Tosi, chef and founder of Milk Bar. A bakery with a unique twist on baking. The other episodes include mouth-watering cakes and breads from Jordi Roca and Corrado Assenza.

Baking Impossible (2021)

Ever heard of ‘bakineering’? For Baking Impossible, a bakers and an engineers team up to make confections that are both yummy and able to withstand engineering stress tests. Will they float or withstand earthquakes?

Bake Squad (2021)

Expert bakers try to outdo each other with their innovative desserts ideas and epic execution. In this show, hosted by Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, they battle over who can win over customers looking for special sweets. Bake Squad will for sure leave you inspired.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (2021)

Do wolf claw donuts and peanut butter pretzel bones sound terribly good to you? Then Christine McConnell’s show is right up your alley. The baker makes scary confections in a disturbing decor. The show is a creative mash-up between a baking show and an episode of The Addams Family. Spooky!

Must-sees for chocolatiers

Chef’s Table (2018)

In the fourth episode of season 4 we meet chef Will Goldfarb. This American moved to Bali for some peace and quiet and now owns a restaurant called Room 4 Desserts. And yes, they only serve desserts. With only fresh and local ingredients. Will shows us how he uses fresh Balinese cocoa beans in very creative and beautiful dishes. This well-shot and truly inspiring episode is worth a big recommendation.

School of Chocolate (2021)

School of Chocolate shows eight chocolate professionals compete over who can make the most impressive creation. Pastry chef Amaury Guichon coaches the chocolatiers as they work on their edible illusions or gravity-defying chocolate chandeliers.

Inspirational series for bakers

Cooked (2016)

A documentary series in which author and journalist Michael Pollan searches for the origin of our relationship with food. The season of Cooked is divided in one-hour-long, beautifully shot episodes categorised as nature's elements. The episode ‘air’ is focused on bread. Bakers from all around the world show and speak about their passion for grains.

The Chef Show (2020)

Tartine chefs Chad Robertson and Chris Bianco explain their complicated artisanal bread making process in the second season of The Chef Show. Their San Francisco bakery is known for its craftsmanship, so it’s an interesting glimpse into their process and philosophy.

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