Save cost by using Puraslim

Soft and sweet bakery goods contain high levels of fat which significantly contribute to the recipe cost

Fat: impact on the recipe cost

Soft and sweet bakery goods contain high levels of fat which significantly contribute to the recipe cost. Depending of the type (butter, margarine, vegetable oil) and level, it can represent up to 13-50% of the total recipe cost. Furthermore, the price of fats are fluctuating over time, which lowers the profitability in case of price increases.

Example of cost saving for a sweet bun

Typically a sweet bun contains 15% fat by flour weight. Thanks to Puraslim, this level can be reduced to 5%. Indeed, the fact of adding Puraslim reduces the level of fat in the recipe and allows you to add more water to the dough, lowering the total cost of ingredients.

This recipe clearly illustrate the positive effect of Puraslim. Based on average raw material prices, we observe that the recipe cost goes down with 12%. In this case, based on the production of 8.000 ton of buns per year, our client saved  650.000 euro.

And all of this without compromise on quality

To have objective insights from consumers, we travelled with our Sensobus to Italy. In a blind test, 320 consumers were asked to indicate their preference.
Here's the outcome:

Puraslim: a different look at bread

Puraslim is an innovative range of bread improvers and mixes that allows baking soft and sweet bakery goods with a fantastic taste, texture and freshness at a reduced cost. With Puraslim, bakers can increase their profitability by reducing the level of fat (butter, margarine, oil) and by adding more water. This leads to a significant reduction in the total recipe cost.

With Puraslim improvers and mixes, the recipe cost of a brioche bread can be reduced by up to 25% compared to a standard recipe, with no differences in product characteristics.