National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2022

4 Aug 2022

Chocolate Chip Cookies are a classic…but what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie? In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, we had to ask our team of talented technical advisors, “What do you love about chocolate chip cookies, what is your favorite type of chocolate cookie and what is your advice for making chocolate chip cookies of your own?” 

A top view of delicious chocolate chips cookies on an oven tray

Originating in the United States in 1938, these sweet treats start with a dough composed of flour, butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, eggs and vanilla. However, there are endless variations of this treat, and everyone has a preference. Whether it be crispy or gooey, milk or dark chocolate chips, or white or brown sugar, everyone has a secret or trick to the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Here’s what our expert Technical Advisors had to say:

A wide selective closeup shot of a stack of baked chocolate cookies

Claude Villard: “I love cookies because the ease of making cookies makes it the perfect dessert to make with kids. When it comes to cookies, my favorites are soft and chewy ones. My advice for making chocolate chip cookies is to cream the butter just before reaching room temperature to ensure that your butter does not get warm – an important factor in warm climates like Florida! Also, quickly bring your eggs to room temperature by soaking them in warm water and use brown butter to create a nutty, caramel flavor.”

Peter Scarola: “I love cookies because not only do they remind me of my childhood, but they’re also the perfect indulgent sweet treat. Much like people, it takes all types of cookies to make the world go round. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, my favorite are crispy edges with a soft center. My advice is to roll the cookie dough into logs, wrap them in plastic and store in the freezer, slice and bake when desired! Don’t forget to sprinkle with sea salt before baking!” 

Julien Otto: “I love cookies because they are easy to grab and you can eat them anywhere, anytime! My favorite type of cookie is crispy because then I’m able to soak them in my coffee cup – try it yourself if you don’t believe me! My advice for making your own cookies is to mix your cookie dough as minimally as possible to avoid incorporating air bubbles and preventing the cookies from collapsing and drying out.” 

Antoine Rondenet: “I love chocolate chip cookies because you can take a recipe and make it your own! My favorite type of chocolate chip cookie is one with extra chocolate and a few hazelnuts. My advice for making chocolate chip cookies is substituting 3% of the flour in a recipe with cacao pod husk flour to increase chewiness and to keep the cookie from getting dry too quickly!” 

Amanda Anderson: “I love chocolate chip cookies because they are the perfect sweet treat with the combination of chocolate, butter and salt! My favorite type of chocolate chip cookie is a soft cookie, fresh from the oven. My advice for making chocolate chip cookies is to include brown butter, dark brown sugar and to add a combination of bittersweet dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Oh, and finish it with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt!” 

Kristin Troester: “I love cookies because they’re so versatile! They’re easy to transport and you can just about add any inclusion in them. My favorite chocolate chip cookie is soft, chewy and easily melts in your mouth. My tip for making chocolate chip cookies is that if you make sure your ingredients are the correct temperature, you can mix everything together in one stage.”

Chocolate cookies on table. Chocolate chip cookies shot