Answer clean label demand with Intens Soft & Fine

22 Nov 2022

Bread improvers

At Puratos, we know that enzymes are key for delivering texture, appearance and freshness in bread and all of that in a clean label way.

A whole new generation of enzymes has been discovered in some of the most amazing locations on Earth, leading to innovative products and bread functionalities such as short bite, softness and many more. Discover all our stories on enzymes inspired by nature in this  article.

A new chapter in the Puratos history of ‘Innovation inspired by Nature’: Intens Soft & Fine

Intens Soft & Fine is a modular solution that can be used with all different types of fat (butter, milk, margarine, oils, … ). It also answers the clean label needs and offers a cost efficient solution to alternatives in the market like lipases, full fat soy flour and monoglycerides.

Puratos Innovation solutions are closely developed with sensorial methods such as the ‘Temporal Dominance of Sensations’ (TDS), you can read more about this method on in this article.  Experts define, while they are consuming bread, the dominant attributes they perceive at what time. Practically, experts get a bite size bread sample and indicate the dominant attributes they are feeling/tasting while they are chewing the product, but also during the aftertaste.

When comparing the TDS curve from a toast bread sample without solution (graph 1) versus a bread sample containing Intens Soft & fine (graph 2) the difference is quite clear:

                  Graph 1 : Control sample TDS curve (no solution)

With the control sample, in the beginning, there is a competition between the dry and the soft sensation. Then it’s taken over by a chewy sensation, a bit of moistness and finally at the end of the mastication and in the aftertaste, the sample is quite sticky and there is a melting sensation indicated by the experts.

With Intens soft & fine, in the beginning, the soft sensation is the most dominant of all attributes. It’s followed by a short bite and a moist feeling. In the last stages of mastication and in the aftertaste, a clear melting sensation is noticed by most of the experts, as well as a sticky feeling at the end.

                    Graph 2 : Intens soft & Fine sample TDS curve

This toast bread was made with the same recipe and process as the previous sample and was also 2 days of shelf life. However, in this one, we have added the Intens Soft & Fine technology. It gives a clear softness from the beginning, a more moist and short bite sensation and a melting aftertaste.

Intens Soft & Fine innovation fully answers the recent growing demands on clean label alternatives. If you would like to receive more information or a sample, do not hesitate to contact your local Puratos representative.