7 tips to boost your business in the holiday season

3 Dec 2020


The holiday season is always an important time of the year for artisan bakers, and a chance to boost your business. This unusual year might even bring extra opportunities, as consumers will want to support local businesses. So how do you drive traffic to your store and capitalise on the holiday season? We give you 7 tips and tricks to leverage the season and boost your sales.

1. Promote your seasonal offerings

Inform and inspire your customers about the seasonal baked goods you offer. Let them know what you offer, show them how to present the goods in a festive way, or inspire them with recipes or menus that include your offering. Use different ways to reach out to your customers: send emails, hang posters in your store, use pavement signs, promote your offering on your website and use your social media.

2. Benefit from social media

Communicating through social media is a cheap, easy and effective way to reach potential customers. It’s a great way to highlight your products and services, specifically why they are valuable this holiday season. Post pictures of your seasonal recipes on your website and social media.
Looking for tips? Read our article.

3. Show gratitude to shoppers

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for most of us. Thank your customers for being loyal with small gestures. Think of printing (personalised) New Year cards and add them to their purchase.
Or give one of your products as a present. With a little luck, they’ll like it so much they will buy it the next time they visit your shop! Everyone likes gifts and freebies. Why not play Santa and give a free baked good to every 25th customer buying from you during the season?

4. Give back to the community

Some people are going through a tough time and might not have the means to celebrate the holidays the way they would like to. Check out local charities such as food banks to see how you can help them, and use social media to inform your customers about it.

5. Ensure your offering is in line with the new situation

We are forced to celebrate the holiday season in small groups. Ensure your offerings reflect this by making smaller formats.

6. Leverage the holiday festivities from different cultures

Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, Epiphany...  all these festivities are occasions wherebaked goods can bring a little extra to the event. Consider creating treats for the different themes and cultures. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Instagram account where we will display recipes from around the world during the month of December. 

7. Create a festive atmosphere in your bakery  

Entice passers-by to enter your store. Use attractive decoration and make your store warm and cosy so your customers get into the mood. You might even consider dressing up your staff for the occasion, as they are key in passing on the holiday spirit.

Music is widely perceived as a great way to set the mood, that’s why we have gathered some holiday hits on Spotify and YouTube that you can use in store.  


Bring light into the lives of your customers

This year, your customers are more than ever looking for warmth and cosiness in the holiday season. You can bring some light into their lives with your tasty baked goods! 

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