Valentine's Day Pims


Cake Batter Method
  • Add into a mixing bowl Water and Tegral Satin White Layer Cake. Mix on low speed for one minute and medium speed for two minutes. 
  • Add Water and oil. Mix for one minute low speed scrape bowl then mix two minutes medium speed. 
  • Add remaining water and mix for one minute low speed, scrape, two minutes low speed. 
  • Deposit to desired mold. 
  • Bake at 365°F for 14-16 minutes.

Filling & Coating Method
  • Dip bottom of cake in melted Carat Coverlux Dark. 
  • Deposit Vivafil Raspberry on top. Freeze, dip top of cake with the Vivafil Raspberry in melted Carat Decorcrem White. 
  • Garnish with freeze dried fruit or chocolate decoration
  • **Heat both Carat Decorcrem & Coverlux to 120°F 
  • **Add fat soluble color to Decorcrem White to desired color.

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