Thyme Waffle


Rye Bread Crumbs Method
  • Remove the crust from the bread and cut the bread in small pieces. 
  • Leave to dry in an oven at 248°F until completely dry. 
  • Mix into crumbs

Thyme Chocolate Method
  • Warm up the Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter till 302°F and fry the thyme in it. 
  • Leave to cool down and sieve out the thyme. 
  • Mix with the melted Noir Origins Vietnam 73 (237°F) and temper at 86°F.  Use this to spray on the chocolate waffles.

Waffle Method
  • Temper the Noir Origins Vietnam 73and make chocolate waffles using guitar sheets a spatula and a pizza cutter. 
  • Leave the to crystalize first at 61°F.

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