Strawberry Lemon Entremet

  1. Cl Ts Layer Cake 
  2. Pistachio Crunchy 
  3. Classic Lemon Soaking Syrup 
  4. Strawberry Mirror Glaze 
  5. Strawberry Mousse


Tegral Satin Clean Label White Layer Cake Method
  • Combine CL TS White Layer Cake mix and 100 grams of water. 
  • Mix for 1 minute on low, 3 minutes on medium speed; scrape down the bowl. Add 100 grams of water. 
  • Mix for 1 minute on low, 3 minutes on medium speed; scrape down the bowl. 
  • Add 100 grams of water and 50 grams of oil. Mix for 1 minute on low, 3 minutes on medium speed; scrape down the bowl. 
  • Deposit Batter onto parchment lined sheet pan; spread evenly. 
  • Bake in 360 degree deck oven for 10 minutes. 
  • Cool, remove skin and punch out 7’’ rounds. 
  • Reserve rounds in freezer.

Pistachio Crunch Method
  • Rough chop pistachios, sift out the dust and reserve pieces. 
  • Warm Belcolade Blanc Selection and Cocoa Butter in microwave till 110 degrees Fahrenheit using 30 second increments. 
  • Stir between each interval. 
  • Add pistachios and feulletine; mix by hand until combined. 
  • Immediately deposit in 6’’ cake ring and place in the freezer.

Classic Lemon Soaking Syrup Method
  • Bring water and sugar to a boil in small sauce pan. 
  • Add Classic Lemon; whisk till combined. 
  • Reserve until assembly of Entremet.

Strawberry Mirror Glaze Method
  • Bloom gelatin in cold water; ring out excess water and reserve. 
  • Combine Belcolade Blanc, Classic Strawberry, and gelatin in large bowl. 
  • Bring Milk and Glucose Syrup to a boil in sauce pan. 
  • Pour Milk and glucose mixture over Belcolade Blanc, Classic Strawberry, and gelatin. 
  • Using a hand blender; emulsify the mixture Add Miroir Neutre. 
  • Add cocoa butter powder until desired colors reached. 
  • Cool in reach-in overnight.

Strawberry Mousse Method
  • Combine in KitchenAid mixer with whisk. 
  • Whip until soft peaks are formed.

  • Pipe Layer of mousse into mold. 
  • Top with 1 layer cake round. 
  • Brush cake with Lemon Soaking syrup. 
  • Pipe layer of Deli Lemon Curd on soaked cake round. 
  • Top Lemon curd layer with pistachio crunchy. 
  • Pipe layer of mousse directly on pistachio crunchy.
  • Top mousse with 2nd round of layer cake. 
  • Brush layer cake round with lemon soaking syrup. 
  • Freeze overnight. 
  • Re-heat Strawberry Shiny Glaze to 90- 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Un-mold Entremets and place on glazing pan. 
  • Pour glaze over frozen Entremets; use an offset spatula to remove excess on top. 
  • Place in freezer immediately to set. 
  • Finish with Belcolade Blanc Chocolate flour.

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