Red Fruit Delight

Mousse Method
  • Prepare crème anglaise with milk, cream and yolks. 
  • Mix well; pour over chocolate and cocoa butter. Blend smooth. 
  • Gently fold in whipped cream. 
  • Fill flexipan molds 3.5 inch diameter (1087-K40) and freeze.

Sponge Cake Method
  • Whisk all ingredients together for 6 min at high speed. 
  • Spread 800g per tray. Bake in a deck oven at 455°F approx. 6 min. 
  • Let cool down completely and cut discs slightly bigger than the mousse. 
  • For decoration; fill paper cups with 35g batter, close with cling film and microwave 30 seconds at 800 watts.

Red Fruit Coulis Method
  • Blend ingredients together well.

Chocolate Glaze Method
  • Heat milk & glucose. Pour onto chocolate. 
  • Add pre-soaked gelatin & mix. 
  • Add Miroir L’Original Neutre & use hand mixer to reach a homogenous texture. 
  • Let set in room temperature for min 12 hours. 
  • Warm to 95°F to glaze your frozen mousse.

  • Cut a disc of sponge cake. 
  • Place the glazed chocolate mousse on top & fill center with raspberry coulis. 
  • Decorate with microwaved sponge and fresh berries.

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