Empanada Amber Grain Guava Pineapple

Empanada Amber Grain Method
  • Incorporate all the ingredients except the water 2-3 minutes at low speed then add the water slowly for 2-3 minutes at low speed until very smooth and good playability 
  • Laminate the dough to obtain 4mm thickness

  • Cut 12cm long 9cm wide ending with a oval shape then apply 20g Topfil Choice Guava and 20g Topfil Choice Pineapple then close the empanada 
  • Make decoration on the side folding the edges pressing down or seal empanada spray with Sunset Glaze and score in the middle for ventilation

Glaze Method
  • After assembling spray with Sunset Glaze and scoring bake on the Rack oven 180c for 14-15 minutes

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Tips & Tricks 

Make sure the dough not to be sticky to avid mass thru the lamination process


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