Chocolate Raspberry Plant Based Tart

Working Method

Plant Based Tart Dough
  • Mix everything together. 
  • Sheet to 2.5mm and chill. 
  • Line the tart rings and bake at 350F for 15-18 minutes.

Oat Milk Creamy
  • Mix the sugar and corn starch together. 
  • Mix in 20g of the oat milk with the mixture of sugar and corn starch. 
  • Bring the rest of the oat milk to a boil. Then, add the sugar mixture. 
  • Heat to 203°F and then pour over the chocolate. 
  • Mix with a hand mixer. Let cool.

  • Pipe 8g of Vivafil Raspberry in the bottom of the tart shells. 
  • Deposit the cooled Creamy on top of the Vivafil Raspberry. 
  • Finally, top with whipped Ambiante and garnish.

Chocolate raspberry Plant Based Tart

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