Amber Flats

g %
Water 610g 61%
Flour 1000g 100%
Sugar 40g 4%
Salt 20g 2%
Softgrain Amber Grain Organic 300g 30%
O-tentic Durum 30g 3%
Soft'r Intens Short 25g 2.5%
Puraslim 20g 2%
Intens Extensibility 2.5g 0.25%

Quality/Pieces: 40 pieces @ 50g/piece

Working Method

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Tips & Tricks:

Adusting the oven's top and bottom heat is very important to acheve an even color.  For those baking in a pizza type oven, make sure to give ample time for your baking stone to recuperate before baking your next flatbread.



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