Tegral Molasses Cookie Mix

Our easy-to-use Molasses Cookie Mix, perfect for creating ginger cookies and Authentic Hispanic recipes such as Puerquitos (or as they are known in some Mexican American communities, Cochinos).

  • Easy-to-use - Molasses are already added to the mix
  • Add spices (e.g. cinnamon ginger) to add a unique twist to your cookie
  • Use different cookie cutters to create fun new shapes

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Customer advantages
  • Unique products born of continuous innovation
  • Easy-to-use mix
  • Consistent quality finished goods
Consumer advantages
  • Authentic Hispanic products
  • Great Taste and texture

The Molasses Cookie mix is a great way to create Puerquitos (or cochinos as they are called in some Mexican-American communities), also known as 'Gingerbread Pigs' although they don't actually have ginger in them. In fact, traditional Puerquitos get their delicious spicy-brown goodness from molasses, which is already included in this mix for the ultimate convenience. The cookies can be described as a cross between a cookie and a sweet roll.

These cutout cookies puff when you bake them and have a fluffy texture. They are typically finished with an egg-wash or egg-wash alternative such as Sunset Glaze.

Recipes you can make with Tegral Molasses Cookie Mix

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