A Mobile Sensory Solution

The Sensobus is a unique and fully- equipped mobile sensory analysis lab that can travel directly to your target consumers where they shop. The Puratos Sensobus allows our customers to serve consumers food products and gather preference data from up to 300 consumers per day.

The Sensobus also allows to test pricing, marketing and communication concepts. It can answer your questions regarding packaging, branding and decision making to elevate your products. In just a few days of fieldwork, a representative sample can be collected right at the heart of your relevant target audience.

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Research Where Your Consumers are Located

At Puratos, we know that consumers are specific about what they eat, with trends and preferences constantly evolving. 

Keeping up with these changes in taste and translating them into business opportunities can be a difficult task. Providing our customers with insights on how consumers evaluate their products, we set up our unique sensory analysis service. Then we went one step further and launched the Sensobus.

Informing Product Development

Once on board the Sensobus, volunteers are seated at one of the eight sensory booths and presented product to be tested. There, researchers then ask the consumer a variety of questions about their preferences, generating feedback that can immediately – and precisely – help our customers with their product development. 


Customer benefits/ Output: A one-of-a-kind resource that allows you to test hundreds of people per day right where they shop and eat and that can travel to any part of the United States and Canada.

To learn more about the Sensobus, please reach out to your local sales representative.


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