Expert panel analysis is useful for ensuring the individual attributes of a product are acceptable (flavor, texture, etc.), as well as determining which attributes lead consumers to prefer one product over another.

Our Expert Panel is comprised of a group of expertly-trained participants who can evaluate and measure specific sensory attributes of products. The panel studies are set up and lead by our Sensory Scientists using the latest, most effective sensory software and techniques.  Our expert panel can conduct a descriptive sensory evaluation, where the panel ranks products on their intensity level for given descriptor. Expert panels use a structured set of vocabulary, definitions and evaluation methods to ensure accuracy across the panel.  Puratos has established a performance validation and maintenance for all categories to ensure the outcomes are reliable and accurate.

Useful when:

  • Specific qualities of a product need to be evaluated such as texture or flavor profiling
  • Determining how products fall on sensory mapping

Looking for in-depth interpretation for the descriptors, giving a starting point of where your product falls compared to others on the market.

Preference Mapping

Preference mapping is merging descriptive analysis from an expert panel with consumer preference data to highlight the product qualities driving preference. The objectives for preference mapping are to:

  • Determine which sensory attributes drive preference
  • Determine segmentation of products on the market
  • Determine the ideal sensory profile of a given product
  • Determine opportunities for strategic positioning of products
  • Get actionable feedback to optimize product offering
  • Understanding why products are preferred over others in the market

This testing is best used when looking for sensory drivers of liking.

Useful when: translating consumer’s preferences into actionable insights, provide visual representation of consumer’s preferences compared to where your product is and how to improve.  

Benefit to customer: This resource is a great option when you are looking for a tangible answer on where to improve on a product or where you should go with a concept. Example: your croissant is not doing well on the market and you are not sure why. We can do consumer preference testing to see what consumers prefer in a croissant. With those results, we can then overlay them on a map to get standardized verbiage of what consumers like (they prefer a flakier croissant, they prefer a more buttery flavor, etc.). With this information, we can provide an exact answer to your croissant. 

To learn more about the Expert Panel, please reach out to your local sales representative.


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