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02 April

US Sensobus
Puratos Corporation is extremely honored to be recognized as one of Modern Baking’s Innovative 10 in the February 2012 edition for our spacious mobile sensory laboratory, the Sensobus. “Modern Baking provides the latest product and service information to in-store, retail baking and foodservice markets by providing them with features on successful operations, hands-on baking, new formulas, product news, cake decorating, and articles focused on trends affecting the industry.”* Each year the magazine takes an opportunity to recognize those in the industry who have “taken an innovative idea or product and run with it“**
This innovative idea was brought to Modern Baking’s attention when they saw how much Puratos has accomplished within only a year. Introduced in the United States in 2011, the Sensobus  has already traveled around the country collecting data from over 7,500 consumers  who were asked questions such as “Does the product look appetizing?”, “Which bread do you prefer?”, or “How much would you pay for this chocolate cake?”.  The answers are used to calculate a data mapping to indicate consumer preference.

The spacious mobile sensory laboratory creates a comfortable environment for consumers to share their opinions about their every day food needs. The Sensobus can accommodate more than 300 consumers per day, to test new food concepts way before they hit the market. This gives peace-of-mind to food developers knowing that their products are going to be a hit in the market for sure as they’ve been tried and tested with consumers.

Learn more about the Sensobus at or follow us on Facebook as we continue our tour through North America.

**(Modern Baking, February 2012)

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