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Balance-Nutrition Today, nutrition is one of key challenges for the global food industry. Increasingly more consumers are looking for healthier alternatives with greater nutritional value but without any willingness to compromise on eating pleasure or convenience. This global trend is not just posing a challenge, but it also offers plenty of opportunities, since nutrition is one of the main drivers of innovation in the food industry today.
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Puratos has a long and rich heritage in research & development and innovation. Significant resources were allocated to long-term research, both internally and in collaboration with universities. Over recent years, nutrition has been given an increasingly greater focus in our R&D activities. Our team of nutritionalists specialize in opening new horizons to our researchers and product formulators, and our technical demonstrators help our customers create recipes with optimized nutritional value.

Puratos wants to contribute to the balanced diet of consumers by making the following four commitments.

1. Nutrition at the heart of all Puratos products

city-snacking As part of a healthy, balanced diet, bread, patisserie and chocolate supply nutrients which are essential to our health. With its expertise in technology, nutrition and sensorial analysis, Puratos commits to developing products (ingredients) and solutions for the preparation of bread, patisserie and chocolate products with the emphasis onnutritional values without compromising on taste.

2. Support to research

Puratos commits to supporting research and scientific work in the area of nutrition applied to its areas of activity, with the help of recognised scientists. Puratos commits to implementing innovations and discoveries resulting from this research in the creation and nutritional improvement of its products, always respecting national recommendations on nutrition and health.

3. Sharing knowledge

Puratos commits to providing its bakery, patisserie and chocolatier customers with useful nutritional information as well as recipes which allow them to prepare nutritionally-optimized products that meet consumer expectations.

4. Great Taste and Wellness Range

Family of Four Puratos develops a range of Great Taste and Wellness products with health benefits. These are supported by scientific evidence and nutritional or health claims. Puratos commits to helping its customers to communicate these benefits to their customers.

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Puratos can develop tasty and nutritious concepts for your school.

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