Ultra Heat Treatment

UHT packaging is the best way to keep your products longer!


Chantypak Chantypak is all-purpose non-dairy topping that combines the delightful taste and smooth texture of fresh whipped cream with superior technical performance. Chantypak offers a unique flavor profile with creamy vanilla taste that melts in your mouth.The unique aroma profile that Chantypak offers is designed to match and even intensify the flavors of all your creations.

Ambiante Topping

Ambiante new Ambiante Topping is a sweet and delicious non-dairy topping that offers exceptional high volume and excellent stability. The excellent stability provides optimal results for your creations that will stay perfect for up to 5 days in the fridge. Ambiante Topping is perfect for toppings, fillings and decorations. Its incredible smoothness will help you cover your cakes perfectly, without any air bubbles.

Did you know

Puratos non-dairy toppings require no frozen transport or storage!


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