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Belcolade muffins

Our premium range from Belcolade, The Real Belgian Chocolate, offers our customers authentic European couverture chocolate. Belcolade is a company which is recognized as one of the worldwide leaders in value added chocolate for the professional market.

Belcolade offers you a wide and innovative range of the finest quality chocolates in the Selection, Origin and Sustainable assortments.

The Selection assortment ranges from bitter dark chocolate to a sweet white chocolate, passing through a scale of tastes and viscosities.  The Origin collection provides the ultimate in real Belgian chocolate, denoting extraordinary taste experiences. These taste experiences are made possible using our unique “Cyrano” approach. The Sustainable chocolate range is made using cocoa beans which have been sourced from a Rainforest Alliance Certified TM farm.

Belcolade is dedicated to total quality management of the highest standards. Its Quality Assurance Department manages the quality control of raw materials and end products every step of the way, and upholds its decision to produce quality chocolate using only natural vanilla and 100% cocoa butter.


Chocolanté, a wide selection of real chocolate to suit all the application needs of today’s professional. Available in a variety of formats and viscosities, such as easy-melt wafers and chips, as well as chunks and stars.
Chocolanté also offers a wide range of innovative solutions, such as Organic and Fair Trade chocolates. Our experienced R&D team can also assist you in developing tailor-made chocolate to meet the exact needs of your business in terms of taste and performance.
Consumers today are searching for premium chocolates which offer them an extraordinary taste experience. Only those chocolates which offer this truly distinctive eating experience are selected by our experts to become part of the Chocolanté range.