All scaled and combined to perfection our mixes provide you that convenience you deserve.

Easy and Tegral Mixes

We offer Easy Mixes (add flour, water and yeast) and Tegral Mixes (only water and yeast); depending on your needs and request. Within our bases and mixes, we integrate our Sapore and latest improver technology. 

Puravita Mixes

Puravita sandwhich
Multigrain and seeded breads provide just the experience consumers are looking for with regards to taste and texture. Based on a global study of 6400 consumers worldwide, health & wellness is a trend that will continue to accumulate traction*. People want their food to contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Sixty-five percent of US consumers are reading labels for ingredients and nutritional value. In today’s climate, the consumer values a variety of healthy products that taste delicious!

The grains and seeds we use in our convenient, ready-to-use Puravita mixes are a perfect complement to the trends we are seeing. They are wholesome, tasty, and have a natural image that resonates favorably with consumers.

Breads of the World

Thanks to a close collaboration with specialist bakers  from around the globe you can easily create authentic baguettes, ciabattas and sweet  breads as if they were made in their country of origin.

BOTW box Additionally, our Breads of the World product portfolio contains Sapore, Puratos' range of flavors based on natural fermentation,  which will enhance the authentic taste and flavor of your bread. Also,  by including the latest improver technology we help you achieve the right crispiness of the crust and the perfect crumb structure for your application.
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Did you know

We've recently introduced our newest line of bread mixes. Make sure to check out all of the  Puravita products!

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