Frozen Dough Solutions

With Frostec Solutions, Puratos responds to the challenges in frozen technologies for bakery.

Frostec Solutions

Frostec Solutions combines know-how in improver technologies, recipes and process parameters. This combination provides total convenience and absolute peace of mind.

Some History...

Frozen Croissants When Puratos launched the S-kimo in the late 1970’s, they were the first bakery ingredient company to offer dedicated improvers to tackle the needs of frozen dough producers. For more than 35 years, Puratos has lead the way to better solutions for frozen dough and bread processes. And still today, the eagerness to find the best solution to the ever evolving challenges of our frozen dough customers continues to drive Puratos technologists to stretch the classic boundaries of research. No stone is left unturned, no path remains unexplored. Even if that drives us all the way to Antarctica……

Did you know

Some 40 years after it was developed, Kimo technology is still the most complete solution for the production of unfermented frozen dough.

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