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Puratos Fillings

Cake_Donut_Smaller The right filling for your products is a question of both taste and technical skill. On the one hand, cultural aspects will define the need for fruit, cream, chocolate or nut-based fillings. On the other hand, you need to look at the dough or batter with which the filling will make contact.

The filling makes the difference!

When do you get that uplifting pleasure sensation upon eating a cake or a Danish? It’s when you bite into the filling! At Puratos, our mission is to help you delight your consumers with great tasting fillings, which perform consistently in every type of finished good.

Let us help you decide… What’s Your Filling? through a number of key factors that Puratos understands is important to your business. Do you have a unique request or need? Let us know!

Fruit Fillings

Delight consumers with tempting fruit fillings: our ready to use Fruit fillings bring a vibrant rainbow of colors and flavors. Instead of cultivating berries, Puratos chooses wild blueberries, which have a richer and fuller flavor.

Cream fillings

Popular ready to use silky-smooth cream style fillings include vanilla, caramel, lemon cream, coconut and cream cheese. Each filling delivers a beautifully creamy sensation.

Chocolate Fillings

Cremfil Ultim 3

Great taste lies at the heart of each Puratos chocolate filling development: from the careful selection of cocoa powders to the incorporation of real Belgian chocolate, each Puratos chocolate filling is designed to make your consumers come back for more.

Discover -What's Your Filling?

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